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 Welcome to Contented Births HypnoBirthing® classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on taking the first step towards learning about HypnoBirthing®, and exploring the opportunity for a relaxed, gentle and comfortable birthing experience.

With HypnoBirthing classes taught in Kinross, you and your partner will learn a number of invaluable techniques for easier birthing -  helping you achieve the most natural childbirth possible. 

Parents all over the UK and the World are enjoying the truly amazing benefits of HypnoBirthing.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about how you too can experience a relaxed, gentle birth for you and your baby...


**Class Information**

Now taking final bookings for September 2015 classes.  
Apologies, there will be no classes available from October 2015-March 2016 but please get in touch for recommendations of other local HypnoBirthing practitioners.